Here is the new proposed Zoning ordinance for Washington County Indiana. If you live outside the 2 mile limit of Salem you need to read this and understand it now, and if you want changes, or have questions, you need to get to the next meeting of the Washington County Plan Commission. You might want to go to the Plan Commission office to see the map to find out if your property is going to be zoned Residential or Agricultural. If you have a home business, you REALLY need to read this carefully and get a look at that map. tell your neighbors.
The unofficial results of the 2012 General Election are in.

Rhonda Greene was the LP candidate for County Commissioner in District 3, and received 12% of the vote in a three way race.

David Norton (myself) campaigned for Commissioner in District 1 and received 6.7% of the vote.

I don't have results for the other three candidates on the ballot in Washington County, but from partial precinct level totals and by subtracting the results for the GOP and Democrat candidates from 100% and assuming the remainder is the Libertarian vote, I estimate that Andrew Horning received more than 5% of the vote for US Senate in Washington County, Gary Johnson got about 3% of the vote for President, and Rupert Boneham got 3-4% of the vote for governor in the county.

2.85% of the voters in the county voted a straight LP ticket, approximately 285 v

This was my first time to be a General Election candidate and got a higher percentage than most LP candidates usually receive. Rhonda Greene's 12% is very high for a Libertarian candidate in her first run as a Libertarian.

Gary Johnson got more votes nationally than any Libertarian running for President ever, and received the second highest percentage ever, just shy of 1%, second only to Ed Clark who ran for president in 1980.

Andrew Horning ran very well in the county, receiving more than 5% of the vote, far more votes in the county than he received in his previous race for governor. Gary Johnson  more than doubled Bob Barr's vote total in the 2008 Presidential election. Rupert Boneham got more votes in the county than the previous LP gubernatorial candidate.

Overall, our party had a great year on the national, state, and local levels in this, our first year after re-activating the county party. Just imagine how well we'll do with more than 2 party members 2 years from now. :)



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Hello readers, fellow libertarians, and citizens of Washington County Indiana. This blog will be about all things political, especially local politics, libertarianism, and the 2012 election.

I and Rhonda Greene have re-activated the Libertarian Party of Washington County Indiana with me as the chairman, and her as the treasurer. We are each Libertarian Party candidates for County Commissioner, in different districts.

New members to the party are very welcome. We meet at KD's Backroads Restaurant in on the first Thursday of each month.

I hope this will be the first of many posts.